Edward and Barbara Balshaw c1914-1918
Our appeal for volunteers for the Greater Manchester Archives and Local Studies Partnership project to commemorate World War One has been a great success.
Over the last couple of months people have been contacting their local archives to see how they can help.
We have been publishing some posts on this blog to introduce the range of archive material available. This morning we invited potential volunteers to spend a morning with us here at the Greater Manchester County Record Office so that they could get a sense of what they might be able to help with.They were able to take a look at some of the relevant archive material and learn something about conservation and digitisation. Thank you to everyone who attended and helped.
Exploring and researching archive material is a journey of discovery. Sometimes an idea can turn into an inspiration that takes you further than you could ever imagine. Transcribing records can raise questions about areas of life and attitudes that are unfamiliar.
Bringing these WW1 stories to life, through investigating hospital records, family photograph collections, tribunal papers, newspaper reports, school log books, oral history interviews , letters and diaries should be a fascinating and rewarding experience.
We hope to share some of these stories on this blog in the months to come.

Nurses and soldiers on the steps of a hospital