World War I postcard

The Greater Manchester Archives and Local Studies Partnership project is gathering pace. Volunteers are exploring their chosen archive collections throughout the region . New posts will be coming thick and fast on this blog and we would like to spread the word of the great work the volunteers are doing .

Some of the stories will be told for the first time. Aspects of life both at home and on the Front will be uncovered . As archive material is brought to light, we are expecting the unexpected alongside the more familiar impressions we have of the First World War.

Looking for inspiration for today’s post, I knew that I would quickly find a topic by looking at the World War One set on our flickr photostream. Thousands of images relating to WW1 have been uploaded from our Documentary Photographic Archive and have now been made public. We have detailed information from some  of the donors of the family collections they come from. We may never know the story behind the image for others, but our volunteers will be looking for information and connections.

We will be keeping in touch.

Medical SoldierWorld War One Card