There are some intriguing postcards  in our Documentary Photographic Archive World War One collection.

This one was posted in London by Sam Rothstein on August 25th 1915 to his wife in Manchester.

What did his wife make of it?

What was the personal message on the reverse?

Could she speak French, and did the image make any sense?

Where on his travels did he buy it?


The Entente Sacree consisted of the French Republic, the British Empire and Russia, with its origins going back to the Triple Entente and the Entente Cordiale in the years before the outbreak of WW1. Nations with a history of conflict united against the growing influence of Germany.
The quote roughly translates as ‘We will hold on until the end, until the Victory Of Law’.

It’s interesting that the French Republic is represented by the figure of ‘Marianne’, whilst the other nations are represented by soldiers.

The sentiment was that the three nations would fight together to the end and Victory, but events in Russia meant history didn’t quite turn out that way.