Take a look at this excellent blog post from buryatwar about Christmas in 1914 both at home and at war.

Bury's Great War

With help from our newspaper archive, we discover fascinating insights into how Christmas was celebrated 100 years ago both for the people at home in Bury and for family members who were serving in France.  

Christmas Eve in 1914
Stars were burning, burning bright
And all along the Western Front
Guns were lying still and quiet.
Men lay dozing in the trenches,
In the cold and in the dark,
And far away behind the lines
A village dog began to bark.

Mike Harding


By December 1914 both the Allies and their enemies had suffered tremendous casualties. With so many battalions savagely depleted, replacements were desperately needed and in the weeks running up to Christmas the local press advertised the need for more recruits.

There were numerous reports of men killed in action and their pictures and obituaries, even before the close of 1914, became an all too familiar sight…

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