In 2016 we remembered the 1916 Battle of the Somme through many varied and interesting blog posts.

1917 witnessed a number of battles big and small. To name a few – The Battle of Arras in April, the 2nd  Battle of Messines in June and The Third Battle of Ypres also known as Passchendaele.

In addition to our usual war time stories, this year we will be including stories from Passchendaele – the battle of casualties, rain and mud – that took place from July-November 1917. An entry from war records of the Manchester Regiment 20th (Service) Battalion notes,

‘Trenches dug one day had disappeared the next day, and there were many cases of men sticking in the mud and having to be pulled out with ropes.  There were moreover, casualties in the Division owing to men having been absolutely lost in the mud.’

There was a great loss of life in the offensive with 325,000 allied casualties and 260,000 German. It was known as the final great battle of attrition of the war.

356, Manchester Regiment H.Q. the Bluff, Ypres – June 1915

Passchendaele is also being remembered with special events in the UK and France.  Click here for further information.

356, Manchester Regiment H.Q., The Bluff, Ypres – June 1915

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Images from Manchester Images Online