At Archives+ we currently have a number of exhibits telling stories and showing our archives from the First World War. On display you will find a Manchester City Battalion Log Book, information about the Women’s Peace Crusade and images showing the Indian Army during the war.


In addition, we have a display featuring postcards sent during in the First World War. Postcards provided a way to keep in contact with loved ones. A piece of hand-embroidered silk was held in the centre of a blank postcard by an embossed paper surround.

The postcards were not cheap souvenirs and so were often unwritten and sent along with an accompanying letter. One design featured a ‘silk pocket’, into which a tiny card was inserted.

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The collection we have on display belongs to a Manchester City Council employee. The postcards were all sent to her Great Aunt Hetty (Esther Annie Whistance) by her brother and her fiancé. An excellent seamstress, Hetty often made outfits from mill cloth for poorer children to where on the Manchester and Farnworth Whit Walks.


In the photograph of the two soldiers, Jo is standing on the right and Jack is seated on the left.

Hetty’s brother Jo introduced her to his friend Jack and they became ‘sweethearts’. They both served in the same regiment during the war and sent many postcards to Hetty. Unfortunately, Jack did not survive the war and Hetty never married. Her brother Jo did survive and worked for the Civil Service for many years.