Today is the final instalment from the Manchester Regiment Record Book, detailing the operations of the Manchesters at Polygon Wood and Gheluvelt. In today’s transcription the names of killed and wounded officers are included.

26 October 1917

‘ “C” company had moved off at zero hour, passed over Power Trench, where elements of “D” company were found mopping-up. The advance was continued until the company came under severe M.G. fire from Lewis House. This fire was so devastating a character that the force was reduced to four men only who established a post. Later they fell back and established another post some fifty yards in front of Power Trench where elements of “A” company were met with. Subsequently all available men from the 21st Manchesters, 2nd Queens, 1st South Staffords, 2nd Gordons, and 2nd Borders were organised under Lieut. Buckley and C.S.M. Lucy and established in the original line of posts.

The 21st Manchesters were relieved at 2.15 a.m. on the 27th by the 20th Bn. Manchesters, and upon relief withdrew to Bois Camp, near the Brasserie at Dickebusch, and in the evening were moved by bus to Ebblinghem.

In the engagements both of October 4th and 26th the battalion had suffered very heavy casualties. In the earlier attack the officers killed were: Captain W.D. Reid, M.C. (R.A.M.C.), and 2nd Lieuts. E. Bouskill, E.E. Elwell, and P.G. Nash. Major C.M. Kemp, D.S.O. died on the 9th of wounds received. The following officers were wounded: Major H.W. Walker, M.C., Captains A.S. Lidiard, M.C., E.P. Whitehead and W.T. Williams-Green, M.C., also 2nd Lieuts. D.A. Best, W.H. Domony, A.E. Gilmore, H. Kay, R.C. Hadfield and E.P. Whitehead. Of other ranks there were 35 killed, 148 wounded and 19 missing.


In the later engagement the officers killed were: 2nd Lieuts. C. Critchlow, P.L. Harling, W.C. Lancester, L.H. Nicholls, F.W. Starkie and G.D. Wallace. Captain W.B Purvis and 2nd Lt. J. Barnidge were found to be missing. The following officers were also wounded: T/Capt. and Adjutant E.J. Orgill, Lieut. A. Walsh and 2nd Lieut. G.R. Hollins, H.C. Platt and P.V.D. Worth. Of other ranks there were 27 killed, 173 wounded and 92 missing.

The battalion remained training in billets at Ebblinghem until November 10th. On the 8th it formed up with the Division of inspection by H.M. The King of the Belgians. The battalion was now under orders to proceed to Italy.


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